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Colorado panel finds ketamine can be used safely in field, recommends more training and monitoring

Sheneen McClain: November 19, 2021 Press Release

Sheneen McClain: November 18, 2021 Press Release

City of Aurora will pay $15 million settlement over death of Elijah McClain

Aurora to improve use-of-force policies, hire more diverse first responders, per agreement with attorney general

Family of Elijah McClain Reach Settlement With the City of Aurora, Colorado

Elijah McClain’s family settles lawsuit with Aurora, Colorado, over police confrontation

Elijah McClain’s Family Reaches Settlement With Aurora, Colorado

2 years after Elijah McClain’s death, family announces settlement with city of Aurora, Colorado

La familia de Elijah McClain llega a un acuerdo con la ciudad de Aurora tras enfrentamiento policial

Elijah McClain’s Family Reaches Settlement With City of Aurora, Colo.

Elijah McClain’s family settles lawsuit with city of Aurora

Elijah McClain’s family settles lawsuit with Aurora, Colorado, over police confrontation

McClain Family Reaches Settlement With City Of Aurora Year After Federal Lawsuit

Aurora settles in principle with Elijah McClain’s family, more than two years after his death

October 18, 2021 Press Release from the Attorneys of Sheneen McClain

Elijah McClain’s mother reacts to the indictment in her son’s case

‘I Wish They Had Been Better Humans’: Elijah McClain’s Mother Reacts To Grand Jury Indictments Against Aurora Police Officers

Three Officers and Two Paramedics Are Charged in Elijah McClain’s Death

The Enduring Legacy of Elijah McClain’s Tragic Death

Elijah McClain’s mother was ‘shocked’ to see indictments in her son’s death

Activists See Hope After Charges In Elijah McClain’s Death

Grand jury returns 32-count indictment against Aurora officers, paramedics in Elijah McClain’s death

Sheneen McClain ‘overwhelmed’ at indictment in son’s death, calls for those charged to be fired

Grand jury returns 32-count indictment in Elijah McClain’s death

32-Count Indictment Announced In Elijah McClain Case

Elijah McClain’s family speaks out as officers, medics charged in son’s death: ‘It’s a prayer answered’

2 years later, pending probes into Elijah McClain’s death thwart closure

2 years later – Elijah McClain’s Mom Sheneen Talks to Her Son Every Day

Two Years After Elijah McClain's Death, His Mother Is Deciding How His Legacy Will Be Shaped

‘I’ll Fight For The Rest Of My Life’: Elijah McClain’s Mother Reflects On Two Years Since His Death

Colorado Congressman Wants to Withhold Federal Policing Dollars Until Ketamine Is Banned During Arrests

How to Regulate Ketamine?

Elijah McClain’s Mom Says His Death Sparked Push for Change

Elijah McClain's Mother Relieved He 'Is No Longer Labeled a Suspect' After Investigation Into Officers' Actions

Elijah McClain’s Mom Has Watched the Bodycam Video ‘Over and Over’

‘Elijah McClain Should Still Be Here’: Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson Responds To Report Calling For Major Changes

‘Everything Good About Elijah Is What His Legacy Is Going To Be’: A Conversation with Sheneen McClain


‘They Can’t Keep Hiding’: Elijah McClain’s Parents Say New Report Exonerates Him, Exposes Aurora

February 22, 2021 Sheneen McClain’s Response to Investigative Report and Findings


Activists Question Whether Elijah McClain Grand Jury Investigation Will Lead to Charges