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Elijah McClain’s mother was ‘shocked’ to see indictments in her son’s death

DENVER — Elijah McClain’s mother Sheneen said she’s “shocked” with the grand jury’s decision to indict the Aurora police officers and paramedics involved in her son’s death.

“I’m speechless. I’m just glad that I’m able to tell his story to tell his side of because he did matter and he still does,” McClain said in tears after hearing Colorado’s attorney general make the announcement.

It took nearly a year after his death before Colorado was chanting Elijah McClain’s name. A name the world wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for a mother’s fight for justice.

From the day Elijah died at the hands of Aurora Police, Sheneen has always said she wanted criminal charges filed against the men responsible for her son’s death, but she never allowed herself to expect it.

“I actually didn’t have any expectations; I was just praying for the best,” McClain explained.

On Wednesday, Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced the three officers and two paramedics involved in Elijah’s deadly encounter will face criminal charges on recommendation from a grand jury.

“I’m thankful; I’m grateful that they saw what I saw. That he never should’ve been stopped and that he should’ve never been brutalized. He never should’ve been handcuffed. He never should’ve been giving ketamine,” McClain said.

Initially, the Adams County district attorney determined police and paramedics did nothing wrong on Aug. 24, 2019. That is not how this story ends.

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