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Our Vision

Our Vision

Everyone has the right to equality and fairness. We give a voice to the powerless and demand dignity for those who are treated as invisible. We speak truth to power, and anyone who panders in discrimination and hate will be fiercely opposed. We hear, see, and advocate on behalf of the most marginalized and disenfranchised in our communities. We aspire for permanent positive social change and justice in Colorado and beyond.

Our Track Record of Success

We always fight for the best possible financial compensation for our clients as recognition of the pain and indignity they have suffered.  We are incredibly proud of the verdicts and settlements we have achieved, helping our clients to move forward with their lives and giving them fresh hope.  You can see some of our recent settlements and verdicts here.

A successful outcome is also about giving our clients a voice and a platform to tell their story, bringing hidden issues to light, and driving long-term policy and institutional changes.

Our victories include successfully litigating the first transgender employment discrimination case and the Wyoming Marriage Equality case, which have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in the LGBTQ community.

Our clients often stand as representatives or symbols for a whole community of people, and this gives us the opportunity to fight for change on a more far-reaching level.  You can find out more about our case results here.

Our Goal

We want to live in a world where everyone is treated equally and given the same opportunities, where people feel safe to walk the streets and go to work, where people of any gender, sexuality, race, religion or culture feel represented and defended by the law, and where the most vulnerable among us are protected.  This is the world we are fighting for, and every battle won is a step closer.  Our mission is to serve our clients nationwide in making this vision a reality.

We are proud to stand with those people who really need our help, where we can change the lives of individuals and families, and even influence policy or law at the highest level.

We work with vulnerable or marginalized people who have been treated unfairly, assaulted or abused on the basis of gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability, age or any other discriminatory factor.

Often, this takes the form of workplace discrimination, physical abuse, or sexual assault, but we also represent victims of police brutality and those who have been discriminated against by city officials or authorities in any way.

Ultimately, we serve the people our nation by holding these authorities accountable and by fighting for fairer and safer communities.

You can find out more about the people we serve by checking out some of our past cases here.

Please get in touch to discuss your case with us, and to find out whether we are the right people to help you.

We fight for our clients

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