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We advo­cate for the rights of students in school, employ­ees in the work­place, and for the civil rights of all indi­vid­u­als against gov­ern­men­tal and insti­tu­tional abuses of power.


Everyone has the right to equality and fairness. We give a voice to the powerless and demand dignity for those who are treated as though they are invisible. We speak truth to power, and anyone who panders in discrimination and hate will be fiercely opposed. We hear, see, and advocate on behalf of the most marginalized and disenfranchised in our communities. We aspire for permanent positive social change and justice in Colorado and beyond. 

Our track record speaks for itself. Here are just some of our jury verdicts and settlements:

For a more comprehensive list, including case details, you are welcome to review our case results page.

Prairie Middle School Students v. Cherry
Creek School District
$11.5 million

Shiva Rai v. St. Vrain Valley School District
$3.85 million

Estate of Jacquez v. City of Rocky
Ford, et al.
$1.3 million
Excessive force

Baltazar, et al. v. Vail Run Resorts
$1 million
Employment discrimination

Amanda Wilson v. Jonathan
Pauling et al.
$6.3 million
Employment discrimination & Sexual assault

Jamal Hunter v. Denver Sheriff’s Department
$3.25 million
Jail conditions

McFadden, et al. v. Meeker Housing
Authority, et al.
$1 million
Housing discrimination


Award Winning Service

We are honored to have been recognized with multiple awards for our advocacy work, and it is thanks to the bravery of our clients in coming forward and speaking out that these cases have had such a powerful impact on the state of Colorado.

Everything we do is about raising awareness, exposing abuses, shining a light on weaknesses in systems and policies, and pushing for change – on an individual, city and state level. These awards recognize the successes we have achieved and the victories we have won so far, and give us a platform to shout even louder and fight even harder for the people we serve.

#AllyAwards: Rathod Mohamedbhai

One Colorado Ally Award: One of the most meaningful awards a law firm can receive is one from the community it serves.  One Colorado’s Ally of Year Award recognized our firm’s long-standing commitment to the LGBTQI community, particularly towards the advancement of civil rights protections.  Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC has proudly stood for marriage equality, non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity, and complete equality and representation for our LGBTQI community within all aspects of our society. We are thankful for One Colorado’s advocacy and are humbled to receive this prestigious award.

EEOC v. Vail Run Resort Community Association, Inc. CTLA Case of the Year: 2017

Vail Run: The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association’s Case of the Year Award recognizes the work of a law firm in achieving a substantial social justice impact through a single case.  This case involved ongoing sexual harassment and employment discrimination against undocumented workers in Colorado’s Vail Valley.  Our clients secured a $1,000,000 settlement in addition to substantial policy changes, the latter of which will help ensure that future employees will not be similarly subjected to the abuse our clients faced.  The outcome of this lawsuit  – which we pursued jointly with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – resulted in a positive impact not only for our clients but for other similarly situated vulnerable employees.  We appreciate the prestigious recognition of CTLA for our advancement of employees’ rights in the workplace.  Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC has received CTLA’s Case of the Year three times and has been nominated for this award four times.

Jamal Hunter v City & County of Denver CTLA Case of the Year: 2014

The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association’s Case of the Year Award recognizes the work of a law firm in achieving a substantial social justice impact through a single case.  Jamal Hunter’s case centered around the civil rights of detainees and prisoners.  While incarcerated, our client was severely attacked by other inmates, resulting in tremendous and life-altering injuries.  As we approached trial, the case settled for $3.25 million in addition to substantial policy changes within the Denver Detention Center.  We are humbled by CTLA’s recognition of our work protecting and advancing the civil rights of our incarcerated population.  Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC has received CTLA’s Case of the Year three times and has been nominated for this award four times.

Denver Diner CTLA Case of the Year: 2013

Denver Diner: The Colorado Trial Lawyers Association’s Case of the Year Award recognizes the work of a law firm in achieving a substantial social justice impact through a single case.  The Denver Diner case centered around the use of excessive and unlawful force by law enforcement against citizens within our community.  Our clients – who were subjected to various forms of excessive force by the Denver Police Department – suffered from significant physical and emotional injuries.  In addition to a $350,000 settlement, the information obtained from this lawsuit revealed a pattern and culture of Denver’s failure to investigate and discipline officers who violate our community’s constitutional rights.  We are deeply moved by the recognition of CTLA for our work standing up against police abuse and brutality.  Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC has received CTLA’s Case of the Year three times and has been nominated for this award four times.

Firefly Autism Recognition & Finalist for the 2017 CTLA Case of the Year Award

Firefly Shiva: This education and disability law case involved the inconceivable physical and emotional abuse of our client Shiva, who is autistic and non-verbal.  Over the course of many months, Shiva was struck repeatedly with objects and sprayed in the eyes and face with chemical cleaning agents while he rode on a school bus.  The perpetrator of these assaults was an employee of the St. Vrain Valley School District whose singular function was to ensure the safe passage of disabled and at risk students to and from school.  As Shiva’s victim advocates, we worked with the Boulder District Attorney’s Office to ensure the community obtained justice through the criminal system.  We then secured a $3.85 million settlement and substantial policy changes within the school district.  The resulting policy changes have become the gold standard for other school districts to ensure the safety and dignity of disabled students during school transport.  We cannot overstate our appreciation to Firefly Autism for this award and for its incredible assistance with enforcing and vindicating Shiva’s civil rights.  This case was also a finalist for the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association’s Case of the Year Award, which recognizes the work of a law firm in achieving a substantial impact through a single case.


2015: Siddhartha H. Rathod, Arash Jahanian, Matthew J. Cron, Qusair Mohamedbhai

The Leonard Weinglass In Defense of Civil Liberties Award is given to an individual—usually, but not necessarily, an attorney—who has made a notable contribution to the defense of civil liberties by bringing, trying, or resolving a suit, or by otherwise protecting or advancing civil liberties, in a way that has had a significant impact n the past year or over the course of his/her career.

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2017: Siddhartha Rathod (Law’07)

Siddhartha became a founding partner of Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC in Denver in 2011. Since then he’s been involved in several high-profile legal settlements. He successfully negotiated one of Denver’s largest-ever settlements in a prisoner abuse civil rights case, which resulted in policy changes for the Denver sheriff’s department and detention center. Additionally, two of his settlements involving officer-involved shooting deaths brought law enforcement and the community together to initiate positive change.


We see every client as an individual and as a person, with value and worth.  We will take the time to hear your story in your own words, without judgement or agenda, and our goal is to fight for your rights.  We will answer any questions you may have and support you throughout the process.

We understand that this will be an emotional, painful and frightening journey, but we will be with you all the way.  Together, we can make sure that what happened to you never happens again.


We stand up for you, we fight for you, and we fight hard. We won’t back down and we won’t give in.  It is this attitude that has earned us a formidable reputation.  We are dedicated and persistent, and we build strong cases on the basis of thorough research and investigation.

Many times, we have come up against the government, well-funded law firms and senior level attorneys, and we have walked away victorious because we will not stand for civil rights abuses and cover-ups.


We do what we do because we want to see real change.  We want to change the lives of our clients and their families by recognizing their suffering, securing compensation, and achieving some form of justice.

We also want to see reform, changes to policies, systems and even the law, so that the same does not happen to others.

We fight for our clients

Contact us at 303.578.4400