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Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC fights for the rights of students nationwide who suffer from abuses in educational settings, both in K-12 schools and in institutions of higher education.  Students should be assured of their right to an education free from sexual assault, physical violence, discrimination, and violations of their constitutional rights.

Education Law Representation From Experienced Trial Advocates

In representing students against abuses of their rights in school settings, we focus on:

Some examples of recent cases and individuals we have represented are:

  • John Doe et al. v. ABC University et al. – Resolved Summer 2020
    • This case involved college athletes from a nationally ranked university who had experienced physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their coaches that was ignored by their university. The settlement for this case amounted to $3.13 million and also included university policy changes regarding sexual assault.
  • Mary Flores et al. v. Victory Preparatory Academy et. al – Resolved Winter 2019
    • This case involved five students and two parents whose First and Fourteenth Amendment Constitutional rights to freedom and speech and the press were violated by the charter school the students attended and the school’s administration. We settled this case for $425,000.
  • Prairie Middle School Students v. Cherry Creek School District – Resolved Fall of 2018
    • In 2017, news broke that Brian Vasquez, a teacher employed by the Cherry Creek School District, had been sexually assaulting his middle-school students over the course of five years.  Rathod | Mohamedbhai was honored and privileged to represent the survivors who had suffered from his abuse.  The case ultimately resulted in an $11.5 million settlement as well as significant changes to school district policy, widespread trainings for both teachers and students, and the provision of mental health resources for students and parents.  Mr. Vasquez pled guilty and is serving a sentence of 40 years to life in prison.
  • Shiva Rai v. St. Vrain Valley School District – Resolved Summer 2017
    • Shiva Rai is a Nepalese male who suffers from severe autism.  He is non-verbal, has extremely limited communication abilities, and is reliant on caretakers for even the most basic of human needs.  At the time of our representation of Shiva, he was a 20-year-old at-risk adult who had been physically, emotionally, and mentally abused by his bus aide Monica Burke for approximately six months.  We settled Shiva’s case for $3.85 million.Due to his severe autism, Shiva was unable to tell anyone that he was being abused.  Based upon our investigation, the only person on that bus who could have intervened was bus driver William Hall.  But rather than report Ms. Burke’s crimes, Mr. Hall remained silent.  Both Ms. Burke and Mr. Hall were criminally charged for their abuse of Shiva.  Ms. Burke was ultimately sentenced to 20 months in jail after pleading guilty, and Mr. Hall received a 60-day jail sentence upon being convicted at trial.
  • Susan Chandler v. Adams 14 School District, et al. – Resolved December 2012
    • Former superintendent Dr. Susan Chandler, through her attorneys at Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC, and Adams 14 School District, through its attorneys, have negotiated a resolution of the claims arising from Dr. Chandler’s employment.  The District adamantly denies Dr. Chandler’s claims of wrongful termination and maintains it elected not to renew her contract because the District needed a change in leadership.  Its contribution of $380,000 to the total settlement is for the sole purpose of avoiding the expense and time associated with litigation.  It was publicly reported that the total settlement for Dr. Chandler was $700,000.00.

We will never tolerate abuse of students at the hands of school officials.  We understand the suffering that families undergo when they are subjected to a violation of their child’s rights in a space that is meant to foster learning and creativity.  We will fight to enforce and vindicate your rights to ensure that other students do not experience the same harm you or a loved one has suffered.

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