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If you have been treated unfairly by anyone in a position of authority – whether it be at work, in school, by the police, or by any other government officials – you need to know your rights.  You may have been made to feel that you have nowhere to turn, and that your voice will not be heard.  At RM, we’re in your corner.  We listen with compassion and without judgement.  Then we get to work.


We see every client as an individual and as a person, with value and worth.  We will take the time to hear your story in your own words, without judgement or agenda, and our goal is to fight for your rights.  We will answer any questions you may have and support you throughout the process.

We understand that this will be an emotional, painful and frightening journey, but we will be with you all the way.  Together, we can make sure that what happened to you never happens again.


We stand up for you, we fight for you, and we fight hard. We won’t back down and we won’t give in.  It is this attitude that has earned us a formidable reputation.  We are dedicated and persistent, and we build strong cases on the basis of thorough research and investigation.

Many times, we have come up against the government, well-funded law firms and senior level attorneys, and we have walked away victorious because we will not stand for civil rights abuses and cover-ups.


We do what we do because we want to see real change.  We want to change the lives of our clients and their families by recognizing their suffering, securing compensation, and achieving some form of justice.

We also want to see reform, changes to policies, systems and even the law, so that the same does not happen to others.

Our track record speaks for itself. Here are just some of our jury verdicts and settlements:

For a more comprehensive list, including case details, you are welcome to review our case results page.

Amanda Wilson v. Jonathan Pauling et al.
$6.3 million
Employment discrimination & Sexual assault

Prairie Middle School Students v. Cherry
Creek School District
$11.5 million

Shiva Rai v. St. Vrain Valley School District
$3.85 million

Jamal Hunter v. Denver Sheriff’s Department
$3.25 million
Jail conditions

Estate of Jacquez v. City of Rocky Ford, et al.
$1.3 million
Excessive force

Estate of Jessica Hernandez v. City and County of Denver, et al.
$1 million
Excessive force

Ortega et al. v. Denver Police Department
Excessive force

Estate of Byrd et v. City of Pueblo
Excessive Force

Baltazar, et al. v. Vail Run Resorts
$1 million
Employment discrimination

McFadden, et al. v. Meeker Housing
Authority, et al.
$1 million
Housing discrimination

Estate of Veach v. City of Rawlins, et al.
Excessive Force

Khan, et al. v. Katina Gatchis
Civil Rights – Race-Based Turnaway

Susan Chandler v. Adams 14 School District
Employment discrimination

Said Ali, et al. v. Cargill Meat Solutions & Teamsters Local No. 455
$1.65 million
Employment discrimination

Araujo et al. v. City of Fort Collins
Employment discrimination

Guzzo et al. v. State of Wyoming
Marriage equality constitutional challenge

We fight for our clients

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