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About Our Client:

We represent Corey Wise, the former superintendent of the Douglas County School District. Mr. Wise was terminated from his position for his efforts to protect Douglas County School District students’ civil rights by supporting masking in schools to protect students with disabilities and for his advocacy of the district’s equity policy on behalf of students with diverse backgrounds and the LGBTQ+ community. Mr. Wise’s termination violated the First Amendment, due process-rights, and multiple state and federal civil rights laws. The manner of his termination was also ruled by a court to have been a violation of Colorado’s Sunshine Laws.

Throughout his twenty-six-year career in Douglas County School District, Mr. Wise always cared first and foremost about the students of Douglas County—each and every one of them, not just some of them. In an effort to continue his advocacy for all students, and to hold the rogue school board majority accountable, Mr. Wise filed a complaint against the Douglas County School District and the board’s reactionary majority: Becky Myers, Mike Peterson, Christy Williams, and Kaylee Winegar. 


Mr. Wise’s case has brought needed attention to systemic inequalities in education.  School boards across the country are becoming increasingly politicized at the expense of  historically marginalized individuals and communities. Students with disabilities, racial minorities, and LGBTQ+ youth – students that have long been disenfranchised and excluded from our public institutions – have become the victims of a broader nationwide agenda that seeks to divide our communities and prioritizes political agendas over student well-being and education. Such political strategies divide communities and do real harm to all students.

Mr. Wise’s case has been fully resolved, coverage which can be found from Colorado Public Radio below. Mr. Wise hopes to send a message to school boards across the country that politicized agendas that target marginalized students and individuals not only harm students’ quality of education and the community, but also have financial consequences.  You can access stories about this case here:

CPR Article
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