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Why There Will Be a Lawsuit in the East High Cheerleaders Splits Torture Case

Update: After the publication of this post, the Denver District Attorney’s Office reached out to deny that releasing the decision not to file criminal charges in the East High School cheerleader-videos story on a Saturday afternoon was a strategy to bury the story. The explanation provided by the DA’s spokesperson is at the bottom of this item, following our previous coverage.

Original post: On Saturday, October 14, in an extraordinarily blatant attempt to bury a controversial decision, the Denver District Attorney’s Office announced that it would not file criminal charges over videos of East High School cheerleaders crying out in agony while being forced into the splits position. But the prospects of the case winding up in court haven’t disappeared. Two families are working with one of Denver’s most dogged and successful civil-rights attorneys, who’s issued a statement that hints strongly at the prospect of future litigation.

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