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Video shows school bus aide hitting young boy with special needs, police say

LITTLETON, Colo. (KUSA) – Security video on a school bus caught the moment on March 18 when a bus aide appears to hit a young boy with special needs.

This story contains details that may be disturbing for some readers.

The bus aide, identified as Kiarra Jones of Littleton Schools, can be seen sitting next to the 10-year-old named Dax, who is nonverbal and has special needs.

Suddenly, Jones is seen hitting Dax on his body and face with her hand and elbow. She then appears to stomp on his foot.

Dax’s mother said she noticed bruising on his foot and alerted the school district, which in turn notified the Englewood Police Department.

After reviewing security video, police arrested the 29-year-old Jones on suspicion of felony assault.

The boy’s parents spoke during a press conference with their attorneys.

“If I could say one thing to Littleton Public Schools, it would be ‘How dare you?’ How dare you fail my son in such an astonishingly, preventable way,’” Dax’s mother said.

They said they did not want their son’s face blurred in the video so the public could see the harsh reality of what happened.

Two other families also spoke, saying Englewood Police identified their children as abuse victims, with more videos yet to be publicly seen.

All the families said they’ve been raising concerns about their children’s injuries for months, at least since September 2023.

The families have accused Littleton Schools of repeatedly dismissing their concerns. They believe their children have been tortured for months on the bus, and because all of the children are non-verbal, they were unable to say anything about it.

“The most vulnerable children in our society, beaten, tortured, mentally and physically because Littleton Public Schools failed to do job number one,” Attorney Edward Hopkins said.

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