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Former Prairie Middle School teacher gets 40 years to life in prison for child sex assault

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — For­mer Prairie Mid­dle School teacher Brian Vasquez was sen­tenced to 40 years to life in prison Fri­day for sex crimes he com­mit­ted that involved five students.

Vasquez pleaded guilty to three sex­ual assaults on a child, crim­i­nal attempt to sex­u­ally exploit a minor and using the inter­net to sex­u­ally exploit a minor.

“This ran the gamut, unfor­tu­nately, as far as sex­ual inter­course to sex­ting to inter­net lur­ing to inter­net exploita­tion,” said Qusair Mohame­hdb­hia, the attor­ney for the vic­tims. “The dis­trict rec­og­nized the life­long care it’s going to take to treat and fix these survivors.”

Vasquez, 35, was orig­i­nally charged with eight felony counts for the alleged phys­i­cal abuse and exchang­ing of nude pho­tos with sev­eral stu­dents. He was arrested in August 2017.

Vasquez, who taught sev­enth– and eighth-grade social stud­ies at the Aurora school since August 2011, had been placed on admin­is­tra­tive leave by the dis­trict before being fired.

The for­mer prin­ci­pal and vice prin­ci­pal of Prairie Mid­dle School are still await­ing charges for the mis­de­meanor count of fail­ure to report.

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