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Family sues Douglas County School District after racial bullying

The Ganzy family knows they have a battle ahead of them. On Wednesday, they and attorneys from Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC filed a lawsuit against the Douglas County School District alleging that the district did nothing to protect them when kids started racially harassing 14-year-old Jeramiah. His sister Nevaeh says she’s heard it already.

“People are going to tell you that you’re being overdramatic, people are going to call you crazy, people are going to tell you that you’re being angry and that you’re being unrealistic,” she said.

It all started when Jeremiah was confronted about stealing a water bottle and his mother Lacey shared with administrators hateful and threatening social media messages Jeremiah received from other students.

The district said in May they were addressing the issue, but Lacey says she thinks no one seemed to care.

“No one even really acknowledged what we were saying,” Lacey said.


The Ganzys says the district has a racism problem they and others have experienced firsthand.

“It’s like they try to make you hate things about yourself that like you just didn’t think that you could hate,” said Nevaeh.

“It’s seen as a joke, and it’s said often,” added Jeremiah.

“I’m very, very aware that it wasn’t only us,” said Nevaeh.

They are suing to send a message to the district.

“They need to admit where they went wrong. Tell me how they’re going to fix the issue and what are they going to do for the students coming behind him,” said Lacey.


They also want to send a message to anyone who holds hateful views.

“I don’t want anyone to think that what they are saying is okay, because it’s not.,” said Nevaeh.

“You need to take some time to reflect and better yourself as a person,” said Jeremiah.

Perhaps most importantly, they also want families like theirs to know it’s OK to stand up for yourselves if you are being discriminated against.

“Everything about your physical, physical form is beautiful and that no one should ever, ever, ever, ever make you feel any less than that,” said Nevaeh.

CBS News Colorado’s Michael Abeyta reached out to Douglas County School District but hasn’t heard back yet.

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