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Even though the majority of employers in Colorado have a zero-tolerance policy against workplace violence, oftentimes these victims suffer egregious retaliation. Employees who are the victims of workplace violence or who report workplace violence are often wrongfully terminated. In Colorado, there are no direct legal protections for those who suffer retaliation or wrongful termination for having experienced or reported workplace violence. Consideration must be given to the Workers’ Compensation Act, which may provide exclusive remedies for employees who have been injured as a result of workplace violence. Potential claims for negligent retention, hiring, and supervision must be carefully examined to ensure that the workplace violence was neither predictable nor foreseeable.

Lawyers Protecting Employees and Victims of Workplace Violence

At Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC, our lawyers have successfully represented many members of the community after they suffered retaliation or wrongful termination after becoming the unfortunate victims of workplace violence or reporting a crime. On October 7, 2009, Governor Bill Ritter, Jr. issued an Executive Order stating in relevant part that “[w]orkplace violence, including domestic violence that affects the workplace, is a serious public health, safety, and policy concern of the State of Colorado. Domestic violence can have a significant impact on workplace safety…” October 7, 2009 Executive Order. On August 13, 1996, Governor Roy Romer issued an Executive Order acknowledging that “the incidence and prevalence of workplace violence have increased in recent years…” August 13, 1996 Executive Order. Based on public policy as reflected in these Executive Orders, our clients have successfully brought claims of wrongful discharge in violation of public policy after being victimized by workplace violence.

Vindicating Your Rights Against Workplace Violence

At Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC, we have extensive experience protecting our clients when they are the victims of workplace violence or report crimes. Pursuant to public policy exceptions to the at-will employment doctrine, an employee may be able to recover damages for adverse employment actions resulting from reporting workplace violence. This law firm will ensure that your employer is held accountable when it retaliates or wrongfully terminates your employment when you report or are the victim of workplace violence. We serve clients in Denver, Boulder, and surrounding communities in Colorado and Wyoming.