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Race discrimination cases often arise when an employee claims he or she was demoted, denied a promotion, paid less than non-minority colleagues, or terminated due to his or her race or ethnicity.  Employers counter these assertions by claiming that there was a non-discriminatory reason for their actions and asserting that race was not a factor in their decisions.  It is then left up to the employee to show that the employer’s justification for the termination is false or pretextual.

In these situations, you need an experienced attorney who can investigate your case, gather evidence and show that race was the real reason for the employer’s discriminatory actions.

Experienced Lawyers For Race Discrimination Cases

At Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC, our team of accomplished trial attorneys has successfully represented many clients in cases involving race discrimination.  After giving you a straightforward assessment of your situation, we will aggressively advocate for you at all stages of your case.  From initial negotiations all the way to representing you in federal court, we will stand up for you and send a message to employers that racial discrimination will not be tolerated.  We serve clients throughout Colorado and Wyoming.

Vindicate Your Rights Against Race Discrimination

We have extensive experience at the state and federal level in race discrimination cases, as well as many other employment law matters.  We are well versed in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the many other state and federal laws that protect your right to be treated equally in the workplace.  We work with human resources professionals and diversity experts to assess the facts of your situation, your employer’s diversity training practices, and all other personnel practices relevant to your case.

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