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Being paid differently on account of your sex is not only wrong, it is unlawful under state and federal law.  While acts of intentional pay discrimination are subject to liability under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, unintentional differences in pay on account of sex are also actionable.  Specifically, the federal Equal Pay Act (“EPA”) and the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act* (“CEPEWA”) protect your right to be paid equally regardless of your sex. (*The protections under the CEPEWA go into effect in 2021.)

If you believe you have been paid less than others in your workplace on account of your sex, you need the experienced trial lawyers at Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC on your side.  Laura Wolf, a partner at our firm, helped craft the CEPEWA and ensure its passage through the Colorado general assembly in 2019.  We are intimately familiar with the bill and how it impacts your rights here in Colorado.

Depending on the facts of your case, it may be difficult to prove that you were paid less than your counterpart solely on the basis of sex.  Yet that is what we do best.  Our attorneys are routinely in state and federal court advocating for clients in matters involving gender discrimination and other employment law violations.  We are known for being able to thoroughly investigate claims and build strong cases ready to succeed at trial.

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