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Serving as a police or law enforcement officer is a privilege.  Unfortunately, some police or law enforcement officers should not be afforded the right to wear a badge.  Many police departments engage in longstanding and systemic failures to discipline and otherwise police their own.  Many police departments have customs, policies, and practices that have made it almost impossible to effectively discipline violent and dishonest officers.  Some police officers engage in a code of silence, creating and condoning a system that allows other police officers to proliferate the cycle of violence that much too often plagues our communities.  The actions and inactions of many police departments have fostered and propagated a subculture of officers who openly engage in dishonesty, police brutality, and excessive force.

Devoted Lawyers Fighting Against Abuse of Authority

At Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC, our team of trial attorneys has successfully represented many members of the community in cases involving police brutality, police misconduct and abuse, false arrest or wrongful arrest, and excessive force, including wrongful death.  We will investigate your matter to ensure that your Fourth Amendment rights and other federally protected rights were not violated.

Vindicate Your Constitutional Rights

We have extensive experience in civil rights violations based on excessive force; Fourth Amendment violations based on false arrest and unlawful seizure; constitutional failure to train and/or supervise; Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment violations based on unlawful entry; Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment violations of procedural due process based on malicious prosecution; and Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment violations of procedural due process based on vindictive prosecution.  We work with experts in use of force and policing standards to assess the facts of your matter and vigorously pursue your claims.

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