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Title VI prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, and national origin in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance, including most schools in the United States.  These schools and programs must operate in a non-discriminatory manner, including in admissions, academic programs, student services, discipline, recreation/physical education, athletics, housing, and employment.  The law also protects individuals from retaliation for standing up for their rights, including opposing a  practice or policy made unlawful under the statute.

Title VI Lawyers in Colorado

Our team of experienced trial litigators has successfully represented students in Title VI cases against school districts throughout the state.  If you believe you have suffered from discrimination, a hostile environment, or retaliation on account of your race, color, or national origin, we can assist you in understanding your legal rights and potential remedies.  Students should never be subjected to differential treatment in their educational settings on the basis of the color of the skin or their ethnicity.

Vindicate Your Right to an Education

We have extensive experience representing students who have suffered from violations of their Title VI rights.  Students have every right to a full and robust education regardless of their race, color, or national origin.  We will work with you and experts in the field to assess your situation and to vigorously pursue your case.

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