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Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC is a law firm of dedicated trial lawyers who have achieved many notable successes in freedom of speech cases.  Our experience is especially relevant to cases where speech in the workplace or in schools is an issue.  We will examine the First Amendment aspect of your case and look for additional claims, such as retaliation, that those with less experience in the field of employment law and civil rights may overlook.

What Are My Rights?

The First Amendment and the freedom of speech that it guarantees only apply to actions of the government and governmental entities.  Those who work in the private sector, however, may be subject to workplace speech restrictions imposed by their employers.

What Do Freedom Of Speech Issues Look Like?

Freedom of speech issues arise when a governmental entity takes adverse or negative actions against you based on your speech.  This includes things such as retaliation against a whistleblower who exposes government fraud or suspension of students for making critical comments of their school administrators.  Many times, freedom of speech issues also arise in relation to academic freedom at public colleges and universities.

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