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As a large segment of the American workforce ages, issues involving age discrimination have become increasingly prevalent.  At Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC, we routinely represent clients who have been treated unfairly or who have been separated from their jobs because of their age.  In these situations, we bring age discrimination claims for our clients and aggressively protect their rights in court.

Age Discrimination Law Firm In Denver

Many times, our clients feel as though their company has not shown them the same sense of duty and loyalty that they gave to the company.  They worked for an employer for many years, often their entire careers, only to have their position outsourced or given to a younger employee.  This often ends dreams of being able to work with a company until retirement, and it can even delay or prevent retirement in some of the most egregious cases of age discrimination.

All workers, regardless of age, have many valuable skills and are an invaluable source of knowledge for both the company and other employees.  We make sure that employers understand this by protecting your interests in state and federal court.  Our attorneys’ extensive knowledge of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and other laws and regulations allows us to build powerful cases that show employers we are serious about preserving the rights of older workers.

A History Of Success In Federal Claims

We are known throughout the Colorado and Wyoming legal communities as a resource for both lawyers and clients in age discrimination cases and other employment law matters.  Much of our work in this area comes from attorney referrals — this is the highest form of compliment in our profession, and it serves as a testament to the excellent legal services we provide to our clients.  No matter where a case comes from, we use in-depth investigations and our advanced trial skills to protect our clients from age discrimination and show that they still have immense value.

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If you believe you were forced out of your job due to your age, contact our team today.  We will give you a straightforward assessment of your case and let you know how our time-tested approach to the law can help in your specific situation. Call 303-578-4400 or fill out our online form to learn more.