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About Jor’Dell Richardson:

Jor’Dell Richardson was shot and killed by the Aurora Police Department on June 01, 2023. He was only fourteen-years old.

His family and the community demand answers and justice.

Jor’Dell’s journey began on November 26, 2008, in Denver, CO, as the cherished child of Laurie Littlejohn and Jameco Richardson. From the earliest years of his life, Jor’Dell possessed an insatiable curiosity and an adventurous spirit. He approached each day with boundless energy, ready to explore, joke, and engage in playful mischief. He loved to be outside, riding his bike, gliding on roller blades, and swimming were some sources of pure joy for him, filling the air with his infectious laughter and giving the world that beautiful smile.

As Jor’Dell matured, his love for sports blossomed, and he showcased his exceptional talents in whatever he pursued. He possessed a gift of being a natural-born athlete, that allowed him to excel on the field or court effortlessly. He was very passionate about what he was doing and it was a joy to see him in action.

As a family, they would take many outings, road trips and purely get together often to trade stories, joke around, play games, listen to music, cook, and just simply enjoy each others company. Jor’Dell’s infectious energy and magnetic personality made him the life of every gathering, and there were many. Jor’Dell’s love for music was boundless, whether he was singing, dancing, or simply appreciating its power. He would often strike a pose for pictures, create TikToks, and proudly show off his abs, muscles, and the new growth spurt he had reached. With unwavering confidence, strength, and intelligence, he embraced the future with enthusiasm, knowing that his path was destined for greatness. His love and admiration he had for his mother, brother, and sister was felt; he wanted badly to make them proud.

Jor’Dell recently had a continuation from Aurora West College Preparatory Academy, he looked forward to high school and the many adventures that awaited him. While at AWCPA Jor’Dell’s presence illuminated the hallways, he was known for his contagious happiness, constant smile, and playful banter. He possessed a compassionate heart and stood up for those who faced bullying, exemplifying his loving nature. Recently, he fell in love with the game of basketball, showcasing his talent both at the recreational center with his brother and as a member of the AWCPA basketball team. His skills were so exceptional that he earned a place on the All-Star Team for Aurora Public Schools. Friends fondly recall his recent achievement of mastering the art of dunking, by saying, “Whether there was a hoop around or not, he would be dunking on you all day long.” they said with laughter in their hearts and sadness in their eyes.

Jor’Dell held many titles in life – son, brother, uncle, cousin, grandson, and nephew. To know him was to love him, for he was a radiant light that illuminated the lives of all fortunate enough to cross his path.