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Victims in Vail condo group harassment case urge others to speak out

A Mexican immigrant who endured the suggestion that she sleep with her boss to get a promotion and had to push him away when he fondled her in an elevator wept Tuesday morning as she described the struggle she faced as a housekeeper for a condo association in one of Colorado’s upscale resort towns.

Maribel Soto had come to the United States to have a better life. But she spent years suffering at the hands of her boss at the Vail Run Resort, a 54-unit timeshare, and her complaints to the company’s owners went ignored.

“This hope that I had they tried to cut it off,” Soto said as she spoke at a news conference about a settlement against her former employer. “I’m here to move forward fighting.”

Vail Run Resort and its parent company, Global Hospitality Resorts, were ordered last week to pay a $1 million settlement to eight undocumented Mexican employees who suffered sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation when they reported problems to the their bosses.

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