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Victim speaks out after Denver officer suspended for unreasonable force

A Denver man says he might still be the one facing criminal charges if not for a HALO city camera that caught a Denver Police officer shoving Brandon Schreiber down some steps.

“It was my word against his. Without the video nobody would’ve believed me,” said Schreiber.

The 29-year old suffered two torn rotator cuffs after being pushed backwards by 12-year police veteran Choice Johnson, who has since been ordered to serve a 30-day suspension.

On the night of July 26, 2014, Schreiber was attending a bachelor party for his brother at the 1UP bar at 1925 Blake Street in LoDo. HALO footage outside the bar shows Schreiber’s brother in handcuffs, after bar bouncers say Matt Schreiber fell asleep at the bar. Officer Johnson was about to take Matt Schreiber to a detox center when, according to his investigative reports, he said Brandon Schreiber tried to persuade the officer to release Brandon’s brother.

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