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Update: Denver pays man who alleges rape by police baton $350,000

Michael Jacobs, a Boulder man who said Denver police raped him with a 36-inch baton, will receive a $350,000 settlement from the city.

The City Council approved the settlement at Monday’s meeting. Jacobs sued officers Blake Bishop, Donovan C. Bothwell, Kyle Calabrese, Andrew Carman, Clyde Carmody, Greg Dulayev, Ronald Espinosa, Corey Gambone, Christopher Gergits, Nicholas Gunsauls, Eric Leon, Vincent Lombardi, John Sampson, Dat Truong, and Alejandro Zapien Mata in district court.

‘He tried to sodomize me’

KDVR Fox 31 obtained the grisly details of the incident. “They punched me in the face, he punched in my butt hole, he tried to sodomize me,” Jacobs can be heard screaming on police body camera video obtained by KDVR.

Jacobs had been attending a protest at Lincoln Park, across from the state capitol. Housing advocates were protesting the sweep of a homeless encampment.

According to KDVR, “I was thrown to the ground, my helmet ripped off my head, my face struck several times, a baton used in ways that shouldn’t be ever used,” said Jacobs. He told the television station “he thought he was being mugged at first because police came from behind him and issued no verbal warning.”

Additional settlement payouts

Also on Monday, the council paid $75,000 to settle a case involving Alex Martinson. The civil case involved the police department. Additional details were not immediately available.

Finally, the council paid $27,000 to settle a claim involving Rose Dunn against Rodney Sherrod and the Denver Fire Department. Additional details were not immediately available.

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