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Update: Aurora Pays $2.6M to Settle Naeschylus Vinzant Police Shooting

Attorney Qusair Mohamedbhai of the law firm Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC has also released a statement about the settlement. It notes that while the family knows “nothing will make them whole again,” the city has “honored the family’s wishes by using Naeschylus’s death as an occasion for introspection and positive change in its police department,” including the following:

1) Increased use of body cameras;

2) A reaffirmed commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive police department that mirrors the community it serves;

3) The creation of a Compliance and Professional Standards Division, which is responsible for the development and revision of Aurora Police Department policies and procedures;

4) Greater oversight and responsibility for the Internal Affairs Bureau, which will have additional staff under the control and supervision of higher-ranking command staff;

5) Additional responsibility for the Independent Review Board to review use-of-force incidents and make recommendations on training, policy, and tactics;

6) The establishment of a Citizen Advisory Board, which will review specific policy considerations, weigh in on strategic planning, and potentially assist in the ongoing examination of personnel practices;

7) The development of a Blue Ribbon Panel comprised of civilian and law enforcement experts to assist the Chief in evaluating police tactics; and

8) Efforts to improve communication with the public, including increased use of social media.

The complete release is below and includes additional photos of Vinzant, who is referred to as Naeschylus Carter; he used both names during his life. Continue for our previous coverage.

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