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SEARCH WARRANTED: Amid turmoil, Aurora seeks a new police chief

Regan Williams is a man who knows police chiefs.

As a recruiter for Bob Murray & Associates, he’s helped hire more than a 100 of them. As head of public safety in Sunnyvale, California, he used to be one.

Now, he’s tasked with finding Aurora’s next chief of police.

City management has officially started its search for the city’s next top cop following the retirement of Nick Metz in December. Metz presided over the department for nearly five years.

Williams, who also helped hire Metz and his predecessor, Dan Oates, spent much of last week meeting with city staffers and community members to get a better sense of what’s desired in the next chief.

At a community forum Williams hosted Jan. 14, he got an earful.

“I want someone that doesn’t really approach this from a crime-ridden … point of view,” said Hashim Coates, a community activist and former member of the city’s Human Relations Commission. “Law and order is not what Aurora needs. We need someone who under

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