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Judge won’t dismiss charges for former deputies charged in the alleged shooting of Christian Glass

Kyle Gould and Andrew Buen are slated to be back in court at 1:30 p.m. June 21 for their alleged roles in the shooting of Christian Glass in Silver Plume in 2022.

By this next date, both the defense and the People of Colorado will have submitted responses to the motion for joinder filed by the People of Colorado on Jan. 24. Due to what defense representation noted as unequal media attention focused on Buen, the defendants will likely pursue separate trials.

Gould and Buen filed motions to dismiss the indictments brought down upon them for their roles in the shooting Glass, but the 5th Judicial District Judge dismissed their motions on April 7, saying Buen “intentionally and maliciously caused harm to Mr. Glass by shooting and killing him,” and upheld charges for both defendants.

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