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Former deputy pleads guilty in the killing of Christian Glass in Colorado’s high country

Former Sgt. Kyle Gould pleaded guilty early Thursday afternoon to charges of duty to report use of force and duty to intervene in the killing of Christian Glass in Clear Creek County Court. The plea was expected, and in a sentencing hearing immediately afterward Gould was given a $1,000 fine and two years of unsupervised probation.

Bodycam footage shows Christian Glass before he was shot and killed him in Silver Plume on June 10, 2022.CLEAR CREAK SHERIFF’S OFFICE

Glass, 22, was shot and killed in Colorado’s high country in 2022 after he called 911 for help when his car broke down. It happened on June 10 in Silver Plume and officers from several different law enforcement agencies responded. Glass told emergency dispatcher he had two knives, a hammer and a rubber mallet. His family’s attorney say that is because he was an amateur geologist. Over the span of an hour, officers told him he needed to get out of his car and dismissed attempts to drop the weapons out of his window. Glass refused to leave the car, saying he was scared. As things escalated, officers broke a window in an attempt to get him out and Glass grabbed one of the knives. Officers then tased him. Body cam video then showed Glass beginning to swing the knife wildly with his arm. That’s when an officer or officers shot him.

Former Clear Creek sheriff’s deputy Andrew Buen, left, and former Sgt. Kyle Gould, rightGILPIN COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

Gould was fired from the Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office a year ago after being indicted by a grand jury. As part of his plea deal, Gould agreed that he can’t serve as a police officer or security officer ever again in the state of Colorado.

While Gould’s case has wrapped up, another former Clear Creek deputy, Andrew Buen, is fighting his charges of second-degree murder, official misconduct and reckless endangerment.

Glass’s parents, Simon and Sally Glass, briefly spoke at the sentencing hearing for Gould. They said that the deputy could have taken steps that would have prevented their son’s death.

Christian GlassGLASS FAMILY

The civil case has already reached its conclusion after a $19 million settlement was reached with Glass’s family.

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