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Fired Denver Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Ford gets his job back following board order

The altercation happened back in July of 2014 at the Downtown Detention Center while Ford was booking inmate Kevin Askins.

When the city Department of Safety fired Ford, the move was seen as a step toward reform for the troubled department, but sources told Denver7 at the beginning of this month that Ford would be reinstated following a lengthy appeals process.

“Deputy Ford absolutely should be fired for what he did to Mr. Askins,” said his attorney, Qusair Mohamedbhai. “Taxpayers should be outraged that deputy Ford has had a paid vacation for nearly 14 months and will be receiving a large check because he punched an inmate in the face.”

Deputy Ford testified that the inmate was drunk and using “racially offensive language,” prior to the incident. He also claimed the inmate was unrestrained and posed a danger.

“Mr. Askins was posing absolutely no threat to deputy Ford when he was punched in the face,” said Mohamedbhai.

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