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Family Mariachi Band Gets $1.6 Million for Wrong-House Police Raid

The award of $1.6 million is smaller than the $1.8 million judgment won by the family in 2014, which Denver appealed. Still, it remains one of the largest payouts for a non-fatal incident in Denver history, putting attorney David Lane, whose firm has represented the family since before the 2011 filing of the original lawsuit, in mind of “something a wise judge once told me: Be careful when you ask for justice, because you might just get it.”

When our original article on the case was published six years ago today, the Martinezes were represented by attorney Qusair Mohamedbhai, who was working with Lane’s law firm. Since then, Mohamedbhai — the attorney for the family of Jessie Hernandez, whose 2015 death in a fatal police shooting is the subject of a separate post also published this morning — became a principal in his own law firm, Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC. Lane and associate Kathryn Stimson saw the Martinez case through to its conclusion, but Mohamedbhai’s 2011 account of what happened remains on point.

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