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Family files lawsuit against Arvada Police Department after shooting death of pregnant woman Destinee Thompson

The family of a pregnant woman who was shot and killed by Arvada police officers two years ago has filed a lawsuit against five officers. The mother of three was mistakenly believed to be a suspect in a robbery.

It was two years ago at the American Motel near I-70 and Kipling. Police had received a description of the suspect and stopped Destinee Thompson.


Her father, Francis Thompson, told CBS News Colorado, “She was scared and trying to leave the area. And she was murdered, plain and simple.”

Police thought they had their suspect, but Destinee Thomspon told them “I’m not who you’re looking for” and then proceeded on her way.

Police were attempting to detain Destinee who turned out not to be the robbery suspect. They tried to prevent her car from leaving.

Destinee’s stepmother Carmela Delgado said, “Someone in plain clothes busted open the window. That’s terrifying and here you are, a pregnant woman.”


Destinee backed up her car into a police vehicle, then jumped a curb to get away.

Police incorrectly believed she had struck an officer and posed a deadly threat to them.

A depiction provided by the family’s attorneys shows the positioning of the police in relation to the minivan driven by Destinee.

Eight shots were fired by just one police officer, killing Destinee.

Her father added, “As far as I’m concerned, they shouldn’t be wearing a badge anymore.”

The officers involved have been cleared of wrongdoing by the Jefferson County District Attorney who wrote that the officers feeling threatened justified their actions. It was investigated by a Critical Incident Response Team of law enforcement.


Destinee’s stepmother Carmela added, “I miss talking to her and I miss her silliness and she doesn’t deserve this.”

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