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DPD told not to fire on moving vehicles

The Denver Police Department has changed its policy concerning officers discharging their firearms into moving vehicles.

Under the policy change, officers are asked to not discharge their firearms at a moving vehicle or a fleeing vehicle unless deadly force is being used against the police officer or another person present.

In a statement Tuesday, the department adds its officers will receive training on how to respond in situation where they might feel threatened by a driver.

“Officers shall exercise good judgment and not move into or remain in the path of a moving vehicle,” the policy states. “Moving into or remaining in the path of a moving vehicle, whether deliberate or inadvertent, shall not be justification for discharging a firearm at the vehicle or any occupant. An officer in the path of a vehicle shall attempt to move to a position of safety rather than discharging a firearm at the vehicle or any of the occupants.”

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