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Did Denver Police Really Shoot Jessie Hernandez Out of Self-Defense?

A recent autopsy report on 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez, who was shot to death by Denver cops on January 26 after allegedly driving a vehicle into an officer, has raised serious doubts about the cop’s claim to have been acting in self-defense.

An eyewitness inside the car originally said that shots were fired before the vehicle ever moved, and the autopsy report shows that Hernandez was struck by bullets coming from the driver’s side. That potentially contradicts statements from Denver Police Chief Robert White, who said the car was headed toward the officers, striking one of them in the leg, before they opened fire.

In a statement, Hernandez family’s attorney Qusair Mohamedbhai said, “There is now objective evidence contradicting the Denver Police Department’s claims that Jessie was to blame for her own death. These facts undermine the Denver Police Department’s claim that Jessie was driving at the officers as they shot her.”

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