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Denver to Pay $1M, Make Changes Over Jessie Hernandez Police Shooting

According to Mohamedbhai, the Denver Police Department has formally confirmed that its reversal of a policy allowing officers to shoot at moving or fleeing vehicles, divulged in June 2015 shortly after then-Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey decided against criminally charging the cops who’d gunned down Hernandez, was a direct result of the January 26, 2015, shooting — something the DPD had previously been reluctant to acknowledge. In addition, he reveals that the city has instituted a policy against releasing the criminal history of police-shooting victims immediately after incidents as a way of implying that they got what they deserved.

“A volatile situation can be made worse by a PR campaign smearing the victim,” Mohamedbhai points out. “They’re not going to do that anymore.”

Mohamedbhai adds that the City of Denver has treated the Hernandez family with compassion and respect throughout the negotiation process — and he hopes this behavior will become the rule going forward rather than the exception.

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