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CSU’s Barry Wesley Identified As Football Player Held at Gunpoint While Selling Roofing

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Colorado State’s Barry Wesley has been identified as the football player held at gunpoint while selling roofing in Loveland after a long feature story was published by Sports Illustrated on Thursday morning.

Scott Gudmundsen, age 65, faces felony charges after holding Wesley and co-worker Kyle Farrell at gunpoint on June 11 and accusing them of being part of “antifa.”

Gundmundsen also put his knee on the back of Wesley’s neck for about seven minutes, not dissimilar to how long George Floyd was pinned in the same position before he eventually died.

In the SI article, Wesley recalls the encounter with horrifying details:

Wesley says Gudmundsen knelt on the back of his neck, jamming the rifle-like gun against the offensive lineman’s skull. Fearing that Gudmundsen would pull the trigger at the slightest movement, Wesley tightened his fingers until his arms throbbed with pain. He bawled and begged:

“Please don’t kill me. … Please don’t kill me.”

Gudmundsen’s reply still haunts him.

“You’re lucky,” Wesley remembers hearing from above. “I’m not going to kill you. The police are going to do that for me.”

Wesley shared what happened with his teammates and the CSU coaching staff the next day in a team meeting and began to sob afterwards. He was immediately consoled by those around him.

Gudmundsenden, meanwhile, is still being held on $50,000 bond despite attempts to have that number reduced.

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