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Body cam video shows Federal Heights Officer shoving, punching detainee

Body cam video obtained by 7NEWS of two Federal Heights Police officers shows one officer shove a handcuffed detainee into a wall then later punch him repeatedly in a jail cell.

The incident happened in December.

The 9-minute 30-second video shows Officer Mark Magness pull the handcuffed man from the police car then shove him face first into a doorway.

“Stand up!” Officer Magness yells at the man who’s heard apologizing.

The man’s face is dripping with blood as they remove his cuffs.  Officer Magness orders the man to “get over here” to which he replies “F-you,” before they shove him into his cell.

Things escalate when the man swings at Officer Magness’s face with an open hand.

That’s when Magness jumps on the man, punching him several times.  The attack lasts nearly 10 seconds as the officers yell at the man to “stop resisting, stop resisting!” before pinning him to the ground and handcuffing him.  Magness then grabs a prisoner restraint chair, flings it across the room at which point the other officer is seen pointing to his chest, warning him the event is being recorded.

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