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Attorney: Aurora police should not have shot man defending his family

An Aurora police offi­cer on Mon­day shot a man, Richard Black, after Black shot an intruder, accord­ing to the fam­ily attor­ney. Evi­dence sug­gests Black was inside his home, and the Aurora offi­cer who opened fire on him was out­side. Police remain mum.

A 73-year-old Army vet­eran shot and killed a naked intruder who had attacked his grand­son and was still inside his home when that vet­eran, in turn, was shot and killed by an Aurora police offi­cer, an attor­ney for the man’s fam­ily told 9Wants to Know late Tues­day afternoon.

Richard “Gary” Black Jr. was pro­tect­ing his fam­ily when he was killed, accord­ing to Qusair Mohamedb­hai, an attor­ney rep­re­sent­ing the Pur­ple Heart winner’s family.

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