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2 LoDo shooting victims describe chaos leading to Denver police shooting

Sunday morning at The Larimer Beer Hall, Bailey Alexander and Yekalo Weldehiwet were two strangers with one thing in common – they were there when the bar closed and were part of the crowd inside that poured out into the street.

“They were truly pushing everybody out of the bar very quickly,” said Bailey as she described the scene. “Everybody was still for the most part in front of the bar.”

Bailey was waiting at a food truck with her now ex-boyfriend, while Yekalo was near the parking lot next door. That’s when they heard gun shots.

“It was literally like just guns being fired out of nowhere in the blink of an eye,” said Yekalo.

Bailey says, “People were running around. We’re trying to get through the parking lot and there’s people that are tripping and falling in front of you.”

As they each fled the scene, suddenly both of them felt pain.

“It just felt like my arm turned into a noodle. I had to carry my arm across to get to safety,” said Yekalo.

“We kind of picked me up and went straight ahead into the parking lot,” said Bailey.

On July 17 around 1:30 a.m., officers were on patrol to monitor bar time closing near 20th and Larimar. They attempted to stop who Jordan Waddy who ignored commands. Police says he pulled a gun out of his pocket, then Officers shot him.

One officer fired four rounds, another fired 2 and a third fired one.

A bullet shattered Yekalo’s arm and is still stuck there. Bailey was hit in her back near her shoulder blade. Whatever hit her went out her arm pit then through her shoulder.

Now they have retained counsel with Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC because they believe were shot by Denver Police officers.

“Very sure,” said Bailey.

“I mean I still have the DPD bullet in my arm,” said Yekalo.

DPD says their officers were trying to protect their own lives and take down a suspect with a gun. They were convinced they could do that without harming bystanders.

“The officers were pretty clear that they had a clear shot, and that the backdrop was the brick pillar or the interior of The Beer Hall which had been cleared out,” said Matt Clark, the Denver’s Major Crimes commander Division in a news conference Wednesday.

Yekalo and Bailey are upset that Denver police have not taken responsibility and are working with their lawyers at Rathod Mohamedbhai to get their story out and find some justice for the pain and suffering they’ve been through.

“It’s kind of B.S. for them not to hold themselves accountable,” said Yekalo.

“Own up to it and say, ‘Yes we did shoot all of these shots and personally injured innocent bystanders,” said Bailey.

“And they haven’t even apologized,” added Yekalo.

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