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About Survivors of Young Life:

Young Life is an international Christian youth organization that has youth groups and summer camps. We represent a number of individuals who were members, volunteers, and/or employees of Young Life. We are currently advocating for survivors and investigating complaints of sexual assault and harassment, racial harassment and discrimination, and retaliation experienced by participants of Young Life.

We have filed a federal lawsuit and four Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charges against Young Life for a pattern or practice of racial and sexual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Our clients have experienced racially discriminatory comments and treatment, unwanted sexual advances and solicitations, verbal harassment including sexual comments, jokes, innuendoes, and text/social media messages, grooming, inappropriate physical touching, and sexual assault, as well as retaliation. Multiple other individuals have stepped forward with similar stories since the filing of those charges.

Read about our clients’ cases in Business Insider below. In addition, click on the Instagram link below to view @metooyounglife, a page run by our clients where they are sharing their stories.

No one should have to experience a violation of their rights, dignity, or bodily autonomy. We strive to support our clients in finding justice and empowerment, and in the quest to ensure that harassment and discrimination are eradicated from society, and that corporations and organizations be held accountable.

If you or someone you know survived sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination, or any other form of prejudice while engaging with Young Life (whether that be as a volunteer, employee, or participant), please contact us at or call us at 303-578-4400. We are here to listen and support you.