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About Johnny Hurley:

Johnny Hurley was a beloved friend, son, brother, and member of his community. He had a diverse array of talents – from skateboarding to beatboxing, to cooking, which he dedicated his career to. Johnny was kind,  genuine, and smart, and these traits were thoroughly apparent in the final moments of his life.

On June 21, 2021, Johnny was shopping in downtown Arvada, Colorado when a man named Ronald Troyke opened fire with the intent to kill law enforcement officers. Upon seeing Officer Gordon Beesley in the area, Troyke fatally shot him ten times. When the shots were fired, the busy commercial district devolved into chaos. Screams filled the air and people ran in every direction to find safety.

Johnny heard the gunshots and immediately leapt into action. Fearlessly, he ventured out of the store he was in to find the source of the gunshots. At the time, he had a concealed-carry permit and his handgun with him. Johnny saw Troyke walking back towards the town square and fired six rounds at him, killing Troyke. After successfully stopping Troyke from causing further violence, Johnny picked up Troyke’s weapon. Less than a minute later, Police Officer Kraig Brownlow saw Johnny holding Troyke’s weapon and a handgun from afar and mistook Johnny as the instigator of the shooting. Without warning, Officer Brownlow shot Johnny three times.

Johnny’s heroic actions saved countless lives but tragically cost his own. He passed away of internal bleeding shortly after being shot. Johnny has rightfully been hailed as a hero and Good Samaritan by local community members and law enforcement. We’ll never know how many fatalities and injuries were prevented by Johnny’s bravery, but what is certain is that Johnny’s legacy is one of strength and compassion. His death has left an enormous vacancy in the hearts of those he loved but his memory and courage will live on forever.