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What to Know and Ask When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you hire a criminal defense attorney you are hiring someone to fight for your freedom. The decision of who to hire should not be taken lightly. As such, there is information that everyone should know prior to hiring a criminal defense attorney. Any criminal defense attorney who you are considering hiring should be willing to give you answers to the below questions.

1. How many jury trials has the attorney handled?

While the vast majority of criminal cases settle without going to trial, you need to know that you have chosen an attorney who has the courage, ability, and experience to take your case to trial. Many attorneys push their clients to take a deal as they are not confident in their ability to go to jury trial. Not only can this deny you your Constitutional right to a jury of your peers, but it often results in a weakened position to negotiate with the prosecution. Prosecutors know which attorneys are not afraid to take cases to trial and negotiate differently based upon this knowledge.

2. Has the attorney handled your type of case?

Private criminal defense attorneys are involved in only a few cases a year. As such, an attorney who never worked as a Public Defender likely may not have the experience necessary to handle your matter. Attorneys who have honed their skills as a Public Defender, before entering private practice, will be a stronger ally as they will have spent their time in the courtroom on a daily bases.

3. How many criminal cases does the firm handle?

Many criminal defense attorneys are a volume practice. Regardless of the outcome of your case they get paid, as such taking as many cases as possible results in more money for the attorney. Look for a firm which restricts the number of cases they accept. The fewer cases the firm accepts, the more time and effort they can spend on your case.

4. What is the attorney’s reputation?

Before hiring a criminal defense attorney ask other attorneys, judges, and former clients about their experiences with the attorney. In addition, before hiring an attorney, check to see whether they have had any disciplinary actions. Attorneys who have a strong reputation in the community have them for a reason. It is because they are committed to their clients and go that extra mile to ensure that the best results.

5. How much will the attorney charge?

When you are charged with a crime and are looking at having the most basic of all Constitutional rights taken away, your freedom, you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney for your case. While hiring an attorney because they charge the highest fee is a foolish idea, hiring an attorney because they are the cheapest is equally unadvisable. A low fee attorney can mean that the attorney is inexperienced or a high volume provider. Select an attorney who has the experience and ability to provide you with the best criminal defense.

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