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Students Tired of CSU’s Lack of Measures to Combat Racism

In the past year, a swastika was drawn on a wall in a student residential facility, students posted a picture in blackface and the N-word was written in the outdoor restrooms of the intramural fields.

Unfortunately, there is an even longer history of these incidents prior to last year.

Colorado State University President Joyce McConnell has sent out countless emails, claiming she supports the student body and promising action. But students remain unsatisfied, according to speakers at the DreamN2020 event on Friday.

“This is only the beginning because we know CSU has its problems, and we’ve been calling them out on them, but we’re not seeing any progress,” said Janaye Matthews, a fifth-year student. “I want action, not words. I’m done with the emails. I’m done with them.”

McConnell released a statement to The Collegian stating that CSU is committed to making members of the University community feel “welcomed and valued.”

“We will continue to both work on equity initiatives at every level and share the concrete outcomes of our work with the University and the broader community,” the statement read.

During the event, multiple speakers demanded the University do something about racism, prejudice and discrimination prevalent on campus.

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