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Llano County librarian loses job after not removing books

AUSTIN (KXAN) — On March 9, Suzette Baker was fired as head librarian at the Kingsland Branch Library in Llano County.

“This is the final warning and termination,” Baker said, as she pointed out why she was removed from her position. “For creating a disturbance, insubordination, violation of policies and failure to follow instructions.”

Baker said she was given the warning to remove books by her boss, but she did not comply.

“The books in my library in Kingsland were not taken off the shelves, we did not move them, I told my boss that was censorship,” Baker said.

According to Baker, a group of people had reached out to the library system about books that they said were “inappropriate” or “pornographic,” and they wanted them removed, but she disagreed. She claims one of the books was about life as a transgender teen.

“It is her biography of her life growing up as a transgendered teenager and obviously this group thought that was too much for their children to read,” Baker said. “Which no one is forcing their kids to read anything.”

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