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Denver Health Ophthalmologist Says Eye Injuries of Protesters Were ‘Startling’ and ‘Unexpected’

DENVER (KDVR) — Russell Strong is learning how to handle daily tasks with only one eye.

The 35-year-old was injured by what he believes was some sort of projectile launched by police in the downtown protests several weeks ago.

“Police started firing into the crowd and I turned to run and the next thing I knew something had blown up in my face. That knocked me to the ground and I was just very disoriented,” said Strong.

Strong was taken to Denver Health where he learned his eye would have to be removed.

“I have no depth of perception now. Something simple like trying to pour a cup of coffee, I can’t hit the coffee cup,” said Strong.

Dr. Prem Subramanian was the ophthalmologist on call at Denver Health during the height of the downtown protests. They saw six patients with eye-related injuries over the course of about 96 hours.

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