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Azra Taslimi

Phone: 303-578-4400

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Azra is an attorney at Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC. Azra has been a litigator for the past 10 years advocating for equal justice, equal access and equal protection for those suffering from abuses of their civil rights.

Azra began her legal career at the Innocence Project in New York, working with incarcerated individuals on exoneration through DNA testing. The experience helped her understand the criminal justice system, but more specifically exposed her to the shortcomings and inequities inherent in the process. She went on to become a Public Defender in New York, learning her way around a courtroom and zealously advocating for her clients. She continued as a Public Defender in Denver, working to protect and enforce the rights of people being shuffled through the system. She has handled hundreds of cases and conducted dozens of jury trials. In the last three years, Azra has worked in civil practice as a trial attorney, engineering her years of in-courtroom experience and insight to advise and represent non-profit corporations.

Azra currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Colorado Bar Civil Rights Chapter. She also works on pro bono cases through the International Rescue Committee in Denver.