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Therese Kerr

Phone: 303-578-4400

Fax: 303-578-4401


Therese is a paralegal and legal investigator at Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC. She specializes in gathering information to assist attorneys in their employment discrimination and constitutional civil rights practice. Therese also works extensively with clients and provides trauma-informed services and coordination in response to client needs.

Therese is a zealous advocate for survivors of sexual abuse, harassment, and discrimination. She strives to empower clients throughout the legal process and seeks to amplify the voice of each survivor and witness. Therese endeavors to break down systemic barriers to equality and demands that all individuals be treated with dignity.


Therese is a level two licensed private investigator in Colorado and received her undergraduate degree in Political Science and Psychology from Michigan State University. She has assisted attorneys in practices that include criminal defense, civil rights, fair housing, franchise, intellectual property, and estate planning.


Prior to joining Rathod | Mohamedbhai LLC, Therese was the Assistant Director at the Colorado Association of Family and Children’s Agencies, a non-profit association that advocates for quality care, leadership, and accountability in services to at-risk children, youth, and families. As a registered lobbyist at Colorado’s state capital, she advocated for children’s welfare, labor law and healthcare issues. Before moving to Colorado, Therese partnered with the community of Flint, MI and several HBCUs to conceptualize and launch a social enterprise that provides services to the structurally unemployed, revitalizes neighborhoods, repairs housing, and connects inner-city students to mentors.


Throughout her career, Therese has sought to engage communities to effectuate change. As a volunteer in Flint and Chicago, she coordinated neighborhood cleanups in heavily blighted areas and coached little league softball in impoverished communities. Through her work supporting victims of sex trafficking, abuse, and assault in a women’s alternative to incarceration program, Therese developed a trauma-informed approach to advocacy and became an empathetic and passionate advocate for survivors of sex crimes and women in vulnerable situations. While receiving her undergraduate degree, Therese facilitated the logistical and cultural transition to campus for numerous international students and aided investigators during the Title IX investigation of Michigan State’s athletic department.


CBR Youth Connect (Lakewood, CO) – Board; The Firestone Center (Flint, MI) – Board; Flint Style Soccer Club (Flint, MI) – Board