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About Mr. Strong:

Mr. Strong's Case in the News
Images from the Incident

On May 30, 2020, Lakewood, CO resident Russell Strong was attending a peaceful protest in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement at Denver’s Civic Center Park. Abruptly, the police began firing into the crowd of protesters and Mr. Strong was hit in the face and knocked to the ground by a projectile. Fellow protesters carried Mr. Strong to safety and later brought him to an ambulance. He was taken to Denver Health, where he was told his eye would have to be removed. In addition, the projectile broke several bones around Mr. Strong’s eye and misaligned his jaw, requiring multiple facial reconstructive surgeries.

Mr. Strong was not causing any harm or violating any laws by protesting; he was a citizen lawfully exercising his First Amendment right to peaceful assembly. Unfortunately, although his rights may be vindicated in a court of law, Mr. Strong will never recover the right eye he lost due to the projectiles that police recklessly launched at a group of peaceful protesters., His injuries have forever altered his depth perception, his ability to perform daily tasks, his employment, and nearly every aspect of his life.