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Laura Wolf

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Laura Wolf is a partner at Rathod Mohamedbhai LLC.  Her practice includes advo­cat­ing on behalf of indi­vid­u­als suf­fer­ing from abuses of their civil rights, including minors suffering from the violation of their rights by school officials, persons whose liberties are lost at the hands of the police and other gov­ern­ment offi­cials, and employ­ees fac­ing dis­crim­i­na­tion in the work­place.  Prior to join­ing Rathod Mohamedbhai, Laura served as a judi­cial clerk for the Honorable R. Brooke Jack­son on the United States Dis­trict Court for the Dis­trict of Colorado.  Laura graduated summa cum laude from Brandeis University in 2008 and cum laude from Harvard Law School in May 2013. 

In 2019, Laura launched a new project committed to helping others establish a career in the civil rights legal community called Spark Justice Careers, LLC.  You can learn more about the project by clicking here.


Laura has devoted her career to advocating for individuals suffering from abuses of their civil rights.  In her first case with the firm, Laura helped secure a nearly $4,000,000 jury verdict on behalf of a woman who had been sexually assaulted by her employer, obtaining legal victories on numerous matters of first impression.  Laura’s legal briefing resulted in the court awarding an additional $2.1 million judgment in punitive damages, totaling the largest court-awarded judgment the firm has seen.

In addition to her courtroom skills, Laura has utilized her legal acumen to secure sizeable settlements and significant policy changes on behalf of her clients.  Laura’s work on a systemic race discrimination case against the Fort Collins Police Department resulted in the creation of an independent Equal Employment Opportunity Office for use by any officer suffering from discrimination in the workplace, as well as an agreement that the city would take steps to achieve a workforce reflecting the diversity of the community it serves.  In a case against a private employer, Laura was able to secure the restoration of religious rights in the workplace after representing approximately 140 individual employees in their Title VII discrimination claims.  Laura’s participation in sexual assault cases on school campuses has resulted in significant changes to the reporting and investigation of suspected child abuse by K12 schools within the State of Colorado.

Laura is incredibly active within the larger legal community, serving on the Board of the Lawyers’ Civil Rights Coalition and the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center (“RMvlc”).  In her role as Vice Chair of the RMvlc Board, Laura helps to ensure the organization can continue to serve the needs of the many crime victims it interacts with each day, including victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  As a member of the Colorado Women Bar Association’s Public Policy Committee, Laura has actively taken part in drafting the Equal Pay for Equal Work bill, which was passed and signed into law during the 2019 legislative session.  Laura is also working to expand access to the civil rights community here in Colorado through her role as the outgoing CBA Civil Rights Section Chair.  Laura has led the charge in planning numerous CLE programs regarding immigration, employment, and disability rights, organizing a Meet & Greet event for law students and lawyers looking to practice in civil rights, and volunteering for and promoting the new Federal Pro Se Clinic at the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse.  Laura graduated as a member of the 2019 COBALT class, an interactive leadership training program designed specifically for lawyers with demonstrated leadership skills and commitment to the legal community.


  • Prairie Middle School Students v. Cherry Creek School District (sexual assault in education) — $11.5 million
  • Wilson v. Pauling, et al., 2013cv35298, (Denver Dist. Ct. 2013) (sexual assault and employment discrimination) — $6.3 million
  • Said Ali, et al. Cargill Meat Solutions & Teamsters Local No. 455 (religion, race, and national origin discrimination) — $1.65 million
  • McFadden, et al. v. Meeker Housing Authority, et al., 16-cv-2304 (D. Colo. 2016) (housing discrimination and retaliation) — $1 million
  • Estate of Andrew Byrd v. City of Pueblo (excessive force, officer shooting) — $600,000
  • Araujo, et al. v. City of Fort Collins, et al., 16-cv-00966-RBJ (D. Colo. 2016) (systemic race and national origin discrimination) — $425,000
  • Contreras, et al. Rent-Rite Super Kegs West, et al., 16-cv-01737-CBS (D. Colo. 2016) (wage theft; race and national origin discrimination) — $200,000
  • Anecdote LLC v. Bannock RE Partners and Gerard (“Jerry”) Maglio, JAG Arbitration (2018) (business fraud, unjust enrichment) — $182,688


  • Colorado Bar Association, Civil Rights Section Chair (2018-2019), Treasurer (2017-2018)
  • Colorado Bar Association, Labor & Employment Section Member
  • Lawyers’ Civil Rights Coalition, Board Member
  • Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center, Vice Chair of Board of Directors
  • Colorado Women’s Bar Association, Public Policy Committee
  • Colorado Lawyers Committee – Young Lawyers Division, Fundraising Committee
  • Colorado Trial Lawyers Association
  • Colorado Women Trial Lawyers Network
  • Denver Bar Association


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  • Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training (“COBALT”) Program, Class of 2019, Sessions Committee 2020
  • 5280 Magazine, Top Lawyers, Civil Rights Litigation – 2020
  • Colorado Rising Star, Employment Litigation – 2018, 2019


  • Prairie Middle School Students v. Cherry Creek School District (Education) (2018)
  • United States v. Glaub, 16-cr-184 (D. Colo. 2016), 17-1182 (10th Cir. 2017) (First Amendment)
  • East High School Cheerleaders v. Denver Public Schools (Education) (2017)
  • Estate of Andrew Byrd v. City of Pueblo (Excessive Force – Officer Shooting) (2017)
  • McFadden, et al. v. Meeker Housing Authority, et al., 16-cv-2304 (D. Colo. 2016) (Disability Discrimination in Housing, Retaliation)
  • Araujo, et al. v. City of Fort Collins, et al., 16-cv-00966-RBJ (D. Colo. 2016) (Systemic Race and National Origin Discrimination, Retaliation)
  • Contreras, et al. Rent-Rite Super Kegs West, et al., 16-cv-01737-CBS (D. Colo. 2016) (Race and National Origin Discrimination, Wage Theft)
  • Said Ali, et al. Cargill Meat Solutions & Teamsters Local No. 455 (Religion, Race, and National Origin Discrimination) (2016)
  • Wilson v. Pauling, et al., 2013cv35298, (Denver Dist. Ct. 2013) (Assault, Battery, Intentional Interference with Contract, and Employment Discrimination)


  • Colorado
  • U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado
  • Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals